Flap Backpack
black and gray


100% upcycled backpack with flap made up of three denim strips and zipper closure. The inner part of the flap has a closed pocket also with zipper.

· Post-consumer Jeans in gray and black.
· Cotton handle and straps.

· 36cm x 41cm

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· Product made from carefully selected post-consumer jeans, always using first quality denim.
· Sustainable and circular design to facilitate durability, repair and recyclability.
· Confection in Barcelona in the workshop of Back To Eco, in decent and fair working conditions.

Purchase conditions:
· Free shipping (Iberian Peninsula) and first free return (first 15 days).
· Buy now and receive it in 1-2 working days (Iberian Peninsula).

Product Care:
· We recommend handwash but you can also use washing machine with an ecological detergent.
· Dark heavy jeans should not be washed with shirts made of a thin fabric.

Guarantee and end of useful life:
· Free repairs until the end of the product’s useful life. At that moment, you can return the product so that we can recycle it in the best possible way (BCN store).

CO2 and Water Savings:
· CO2 saved respect to confection with original raw materials: 1894,10 gr CO2 eq
· Water saving with respect to confection with raw materials: 1119,10 liters eq
· Savings in dyes and chemicals: 3105,41 kg eq

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