Environmental benefit of the recycling of jeans

Thanks to the rescue denim of Back To Eco, we save water and avoid CO2 emissions that would be generated to produce new tissues, while avoiding the release of a large amount of toxins to the environment that are for example the pesticides associated with the production of cotton or chlorine used to give the worn effect.

  • 10 grams of CO2 are reduced in the atmosphere for each kilogram of collected cotton, Back to Eco has achieved a reduction of 80 kilograms of CO2.
  • 6 liters of water are saved for every kilogram of collected cotton, Back to Eco has saved 48 liters of water.

We made a special order for which we have cut 4,200 pieces of Tejano like the ones in the photo. Each piece measures 14×52 cm. If these pieces had been produced from zero, 1,016 kg of CO2 would have been emitted, 600,000 liters of water would have been spent, and 1,666 kg of toxins would have been invested.

Imagine the weight of 10 polar bears turned into polluting gases, the volume of 12 medium sized pools thrown by the sink and what weigh 20 girafas for chemicals, dyes and pesticides.

From the month of June and taking advantage of the celebration of the environment week, we inform that all products on sale on our website and produced directly by Back To Eco premiere data on saving CO2, water and grams of chemicals associated with recycling Texan You can see it in the product sheets.