The organization

Back To Eco is a non-profit non-governmental organization. We develop and promote actions in favor of a more circular textile.

Our goal is to help globally increase the life cycle of textiles, reuse and recycling, replicating the balance of the natural world, where nothing becomes waste and everything has value.

We help people, companies and institutions on the road to a more circular textile. We advise, carry out training and practical workshops, design, recycle and manufacture.

Back To Eco generates its own projects in favor of textile circularity and also in order to support third parties and society in general to move towards a positive fashion with the planet .

The workshop


Our workshop is currently made up of Hanane and Lorena, who were hired through social and labour insertion programmes for people in situations of social vulnerability. Specialists from the DiomCoop Association and trainees from training programmes run by Fundació Ared and Fundació Formació i Treball also work with us on a regular basis.

In our workshop we perform different services:

  • Pattern
  • Prototyping
  • Confection


As Back To Eco we have received the following awards:

  • Catalonia Ecodesign Award for Product in Development 2019. Awarded by the Generalitat de Catalunya, Department of Territory and Sustainability of the Generalitat. November 2019.

  • Catalunya Prize for the most sustainable commerce in Barcelona. Awarded by Barcelona City Council. October 2019.

As Infinit Denim we have received the following awards:

  • ADI 2020 Awards organised by the ADI-FAD Industrial Design Association. November 2020. Awarded to the Infinit Denim - Back To Eco ensemble. November 2020.

  • IF DESIGN AWARD 2021 organised by Word Design Guide.


Our main clients:


We have developed our work with the support of: